Spellforce III is the third installment in the Spellforce series by Grimlore Games. It’s going to feature a deep and complex campaign, that can be played single or with two players in Co-Op. Additionally, there are going to be separated multiplayer modes. Currently, it’s release date is set on the 4th quarter of 2016.

The game will take place approximately 500 years before the convocation: a big, destructive event inside the world of Eo which was addressed in Spellforce I. The player can play through the starting events, learn how the most powerful wizards formed the circle and how everything came to be.

The player creates a customizable avatar at the beginning of the game, which he is going to level up in the classic RPG fashion. In the course of the campaign different characters will join him, forming a hero party which he can control. The RTS part of the game will feature more complex mechanics than its predecessor titles which, additionally to base building, now focuses strongly on the ingame economy. The player has to gain control over areas of the map and keep an eye on how the production chain works.


My field of work

My tasks are mostly focused on the level and game design aspects of the game.

  • Level Art: I visually work on the maps to create their unique environments and atmosphere of specific areas. This includes the selection of basic textures, the final placing of all objects and ends with the VFX effects.
  • Technical: There is also a great emphasis on keeping an eye on the final polygon count. With a big RTS army it is important for the level art not to take up to much memory space.
  • Game Design: For the historic consistency, I as the intern had to research and document everything from Spellforce 1. The result is a complete story bible, which contains every information and is easily accessible to the whole team.

Neutral Screenshots from In-Game.