Path-Finding Algorythm (Unity, C#)
Screenshot from The Last Tinker

In 2013 I interned for one month in Mimimi Productions, where I worked on smaller matters for their project: The Last Tinker. My main focus was an algorithm for the path finding. This is a feature that helps the player find the next questmarker. A small sheep flies from his current location to the quest position and show’s the fastest route.

My job was to program this feature, as well as a tool, in order to integrate and edit the NavMesh for level design purposes.

Spawn-System (Unreal 4, C++)

During my studies, I helped out as a gameplay programmer in C++ for one of our university projects. My job was to write a spawn system that is easy to use for game and level designers. Items can be added easily and can be balanced without touching the code.


The result is a system which uses different local and global settings. The level designer can place a spawn point and then choose what kind of items are going to spawn. On the global set-up the general spawn rate of an item can be defined.