Enderal – the Shards of Order is a total conversion mod in development for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and is the sequel to Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge, developed by SureAI. It is set in its own universe and completely distances itself from all previous Elder Scrolls titles. Set on the remote continent Enderal it offers a hand-crafted, immersive open-world experience, complete with jungles, deserts, forests and mountains for the player to explore. It also features an overhauled skill system and new gameplay mechanics, imbedded in a dark, psychological and fully-dubbed storyline, featuring believable characters.

Enderal is being developed on an entirely non-commercial basis and can be played for free by anyone owning a legal copy of TES V: Skyrim. It runs independently from the original game. More informations can be read here.


My field of work

As a freelance Level Design on this project, I’m mostly focused on designing and implementing dungeons for different areas.

  • Planning: With every dungeon I created a visual experience that differentiates itself from normal Dungeons in Skyrim in a meaningful way.
  • Technical: Every indoor level has to be efficiently built in terms of the NavMesh, as well as the overall memory space for textures and lighting.

The following screenshots are all taken from dungeons that I made for the project.