About me

I currently study Gamedesign at the University of Media Design in Munich, where I will receive my Bachelor of Science in March 2016. Thanks to an exchange program I had the great opportunity to work as an Intern for three months at Beenox, Canada. There I learned the basics of Level Design and while I clumsily created my first levels I realised my love for this field, for creating experiences, interestig situations and beautiful landscapes.

Since then, I am determined to learn as much as possible and become a better Level Designer in the process. I can also integrate a lot from my previous job experiences and my hobbies into my work and I am looking forward to work as a real Level Designer after I finished my studies.



Before my current course of studies, I worked as a programer for a couple of years. I can still offer a lot of knowledge in different programming languages and systems from this time. This helps me to understand tools faster and to write smaller scripts myself, if required. During my studies I found myself able to efficiently apply my skills from time to time. You can find references on the page Programming References.

Drawing Skills

I have liked to draw since an early age and as I got older I kept this passion as a hobby. Now I draw mainly to get a good feeling for composition and colors. As a Level Designer I find it very useful to test some things on paper before I start to build them in an engine. You can see a selection of my drawings at the page Gallery.


One of my childhood dreams was to become an architect, but my life did not go as planned. I had to give it up at that time. Now, years later and after taking a little detour, I can live out my love for buildings and environments with an even better field of work: Level Design! To integrate my enthusiasm of architecture I began to take massive open online courses, like Vernacular Architecture in Asia or the course about Roman Architecture.

speech bubbles

When I started to work in larger teams, I realized early how important a clear communication is. It can be an essential tool and a great way to exchange ideas. It goes beyond simple words and includes any kind of information exchange, like papermaps and level concepts. To become better at conveying and receiving information I currently take the Interaction Design Specialisation online course.